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Penticton is in the heart of wine country. There are 44 wineries within a 20-minute drive, It’s fun to get out and discover their varied architectural styles and taste the distinct differences between winemakers

As with any new service things tend to start small, as it is with winery visits.  With the growth in wine tourism, the Lakeside Villa Motel is in a great location to start from. With the acquisition of our courtesy van, we are able to offer complimentary transportation to local wineries around Penticton and Naramata bench. Once you've made your purchases, we can also store them for you to keep them safe. Wouldn't want you drinking them all before you get them home. 8)

A number of the wineries have tours of their properties, offer lunches, and even classes on wine selection.

We offer our guests the ability to partake in wine tasting and not have the worry about driving. It can take between a half hour to an hour for each stop depending on the size of a group.

So if you’re interested in having us take you to wineries, let us know when you book your room, or a day prior to going so we can notify the winery, and work the trip in with other van activities like channel tubing, or rock climbing, to name a couple of things.

Wine Tour Included with our Fun Van at no extra charge with 2 night stay or more.

Complimentary Penticton Wine Tour

Forget my name, we go back to the motel

Start slurring your words, we go back to the motel

Fall on face getting out of the van, we stop by Dr’s, then back to motel

Tour Rules

Some of our local wineries

Most wineries don’t open for tasting and tours until 10AM and close about 5PM. So when planning your stay keep that in mind. A minimum 2 night stay is needed, getting to 3 or 4 wineries during the day. Some offer tours of their facilities, lunches, and some also offer local cheeses they make. If you don’t like reds or whites, let them know, they won’t be offended, and there’s no sense forcing something.

Although, like my parents used to say when I was little, “try it you might find you like it”

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